My name is Ioannis Papagiannis (friends call me Yiannis).

I am an engineering manager at Facebook's office in London working with the security teams there. Click here to learn more about the London office and here to read our security-related public posts.

Before I started working at Facebook, I was a research student at the Large-Scale Distributed Systems group of Imperial College London. My PhD thesis was on taint tracking, a technique to secure applications by monitoring data propagation at runtime. My supervisor was Dr. Peter Pietzuch and I was involved in two EPSRC-funded research projects (named SmartFlow and CloudFilter). Feel free to look into the publications section of this website for more information.

Before coming to London, I lived and studied in Athens, Greece. I graduated from the Electical and Computer Engineering Department of the National Techincal University of Athens.

Apart from studying and spending most of my time in front of a monitor reading feeds, I also enjoy messing up my (Android) phone. My small contribution to the mobile app frenzy can be found here. Last but not least, every friend of mine knows that I enjoy greek traditional dancing and a casual game of any racket-based game.